Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Holiday Quilt - A - Long! Plus bonus Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

I have some wonderful news today with you all. Overall - this year I have been dabbling more and more into curved quilts! I have fallen in love with curves. For the longest time I have been timid of them but as of this year no more; they have me wanting more! If you have been following me, I've mentioned I have some surprises for you and here is one revealed. Here and there I will be posting some curved patterns which I hope you all enjoy!

Recently I have been testing out new ways to involve curved quilt patterns with limited waste while using pre-cuts since pre-cut fabrics are my specialty! So in honor of a new style being added to the mix of my patterns, I am doing a Quilt - A - Long for FREE. Below we have my newest addition called Frosted Snowflakes. Although I have it in a holiday print, please don't let that stop you. I have more options/ideas which I hope you will love!

Also everyone who joins the Quilt - A - Long will be eligible to enter the GIVEAWAY at the end for some free fabric! YAYY! In order to be eligible to enter the giveaway you must complete at least one block - Simple!

Now here are some tiny details, if you are a beginner of curves or haven't even tried curved patterns I highly recommend joining. Although my Quilt - A - Long pattern may look challenging, it is beginner friendly - No Joke! (Only requirement is to be able to sew a 1/4" seam allowance.) Nice easy curves. Also NO CURVED ruler is required. That's right you will not need to purchase a ruler for this pattern. All I am asking from you is to join, buy some fabric or use up your scraps. You will need to be able to print 3 pages for the curved templates and either have thick-ish card board or template plastic. You will have 2 weeks to buy or pull out fabrics.

So are you ready for all the details?

Saturday, August 5, 2017

NEW Brickwall WorkZone Classic Primary Quilt Kit - 3 Colorways Available


Have a baby boy, grand baby, or adorable nephew? Here is a perfect brick wall quilt pattern by yours truly with amazing WorkZone Fabrics by Craftsy. Not a fan of the Classic Primary Quilt colorway? No worries it comes in three colorways, Classic Primary, Hunter Green, and Modern Blue! I'm a fan of the Classic and Hunter Green. This quilt kit is available here for $33.60 which includes quilt top and binding. Backing is available as well too!




Below is the Hunter Green Colorway.


Below is the Modern Blue Colorway.


Friday, August 4, 2017

NEW Checkerboard Dreamfield Quilt Kit


New Quilt Kit Available on Craftsy! Checkerboard Dreamfield Quilt Kit, designed by yours truly! This is a wonderful beginner easy quilt kit that quick to make. Fabrics features are Dreamfield which aren't they just dreamy? Check it out here for only $33.60, which will included to quilt top and binding. 



Thursday, August 3, 2017

NEW Block Out Modern Hand Drawn Pop Art Quilt Kit - 3 Colorways Available


 NEW Block Out Modern Hand Dawn Pop Art Quilt Kit now available on Craftsy! Quilt pattern is designed by yours truly! I'm super excited and really in love with these new bright modern fabrics.
Not a fan of these colors? Don't worry they have a few more color ways available that are just stunning!

Check out this quilt kit here for only $28.70. Very inexpensive yet high quality fabric! I highly recommend.




Below is the Block Out Modern Hand Dawn Mod Decor Colorway.


Below is the Block Out Modern Hand Drawn Landscape Colorway.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Precious Gem Update!

Hello fellow Quilters!

Today's month pattern will be a update on a older pattern of mine. (Currently I am in the process of revamping my other patterns (here and there) while adding the additional quilt sizes available since I have received some emails about making some patterns larger.) BUT be on a look out I will have a new table runner and mini block available soon for you!

First up we have Precious Gem Revamped! There where no corrections that needed to be made to this pattern but to the digital quilt image it was a little deceiving to the eye. Your diamonds will not touch but you will have a fully diamond completed. Between each diamond there is about a 1/2" space. Which looking at the digital image they seemed like they where touching, so I spaced them out slight more so to the naked eye there is no confusions. Hopefully that will help you all out.

Friday, July 14, 2017

New Quilt Kit for Craftsy! Cornerstone Dreamfield Quilt


Take a look at this new quilt kit from Craftsy. This quilt kit features my Cornerstone quilt pattern in Dreamfield fabrics.  Snatch it up here.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Charmed - Fat Quarter Quilt Pattern - 5 Sizes Available

NEW QUILT PATTERN now available on my website! Charmed features five quilt sizes using only fat quarters! Charmed is a nice quick and easy pattern that you can have done in no time. Do you have a fabric fat quarter bundle that you don't want to cut into because the prints are just stunning? This is the perfect quilt pattern for you. Nice large blocks and thick strips used within this pattern so your favorite prints wont get minimized. 

Pattern also includes a "Scrappy Binding" or you may use yardage in your favorite prints!