Monday, October 2, 2017

Frosted Snowflake Quilt A Long - WEEK 5

We have are last and final week available!

Before we start I want to thank everyone for your patience. The month of September was indeed a hard month for us that came out of no where. (More details will be at the bottom of this post.) I also want to give a heads up that within two week after today a pattern would have been released in multiple sizes, BUT due to my longarm machines motor it will be delayed. (Giveaway will still be happening in two weeks!) Once my machine gets fixed I have a few orders I need to quilt first before I can starting quilting my finish Frosted Snowflake quilt. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Frosted Snowflakes Quilt A Long - WEEK 4

Hello fellow quilters!

This week is an easy week, so if you have fallen behind this is the perfect week to get caught back up.

So with that said lets get started!

Step 1:
Using the block you've made in Week 3 (half orange peel), you are now going to take two matching pairs, place them right sides together and sew a 1/4" seam allowance on the straight edge. Press open. (To make it easier for the following steps next week, I recommend pressing this seam open, it isn't "required" but it will be less of a headache and/or hassle later next week.) 

Step 2:
Repeat step one until you have completed 36 large orange peels.

And that's it! Very simple easy week. I've done this just in case you are having troubles with last week and give you a little more time if you need it. =) We are more than halfway done, two more weeks and you'll be finished!

Also if you are having any problems please feel free to message me. My longarm machine is still currently down which is causing a little bit of a pickle but when I can, I will get back with you as soon as possible. =) Thank You all so much!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Frosted Snowflakes Quilt Along - WEEK 3

Now for the fun part! It is time to sew.

Step 1
Grab two matching sets of A and B. You'll also need the background C orange peel.

Step 2
Starting with print A and your background orange peel (C), place the orange peel on top. You'll match the points here at the top shown below. (Before I start sewing I like to place my needle in the down position to hold it in place so I can get situated. With your right hand, grab your orange peel. With your left hand grab your print A. Before you are sewing your hands will be crossed and start off while stitching slowly 1/4" seam allowance. Continuing on sewing your hand will start to uncross. The trick is to guide the fabric gently, do not pull or "force" it. This will cause your fabric to stretch which we do not want to happen. If you get a built up on a curve, just stop sewing, place your needle in the down position and re-situate yourself before continuing.) After you have completed your curve, make sure to iron to the dark side and iron your thin point at the top flat.


Step 3
With the block made in step 2, now grab a matching print B and place them together shown below. (Place your needle in the down position to get situated again. Slowly sew 1/4" sew allowance. Use the tips and tricks from step 2 to help your sew your curve again. The more blocks you sew, you'll start getting used to it and become a little quicker.) For this block you'll need to make sure you have a 1/4" cross over at the bottom of your orange peel and also make sure you have 1/4" of print fabric at the top sharp point areas. The top points will get covered in two weeks to achieve the nice sharp point for your snowflake block.

 Step 4
Repeat steps 1-3 and make a total of 72 blocks. (If you can make it through sewing this weeks curves, week 5 will be a piece of cake! This is the hardest part of the block.)

If you have any questions or are stuck on something please use the contact form and I'll help you as soon as I can. =)

Friday, September 8, 2017

Snowflakes Quilt Along - WEEK 2

Ready for week two of the quilt along? Also I do apologize for being one day late. I swear the world ended Thursday and Friday. I've had a horrible few days. Everything just feel apart, my long-arm machine is currently down, and yesterday our internet was on the fritz. Boy oh boy yesterday was a trouble some since we only have internet no cable. Not only it was boring but I couldn't do anything! So sorry but now we are back on track. =)

Step 1:
Go to the website here. Download the FREE PDF template files if you haven't already. Check out is required but no payment information will be taken from you. You'll be printing out two pages. Make sure to print at "Actual Size" just in case your printer changes the settings. To test to make sure the are the actual size, Take template "C" and from the dark back lines measure point to point and it should be 6 1/2" inches.

Step 2:
With your templates, cut on the light grey line. You'll be piecing template "D" together since it's wider than a standard paper size. Template "D" will not line up side by side, you need to take the right side and slowly move it towards/on top of the left side of template "D" until it lines up. You should be roughly 1/2" overlap. Shown Below.

Image Below shows that they don't match side by side.

Image below shows me slightly moving it towards the left side. (Bottom touches BUT the top curve doesn't, so move it closer. =P)

Then TA-DA! They match! Use tape or glue to hold them together while your make your template from the cardboard or template plastic. =)

Step 3:
Using either the card board backing from your background layer cake or a 10" x 10" plastic template, place template "D" and "C" shown below. Use a pen, pencil, or marker to outline your templates. Once done use regular scissors to cut your templates out. Re-label templates.I recommend cutting two template "C's" to make it easier.

Step 4 :
With 36 - 10" background squares, place template "D" then "C" shown below. Place template "D" all the way down to the bottom left corner and cut, then place template "D" in the top right corner and cut. You'll now be left a huge orange peel. Before you cut template "C", I recommend laying two template "C's" down to make sure you have enough room for templates just in case. With your rotary cutter CAREFULLY cut along your templates. Watch your fingers and I also recommend only cutting two layers at a time. Notes: Carefully watch your fingers and slowly move your rotary cutter. Using either a cardboard template or plastic template it is fairly easy for your rotary cutter to move on top of your template. If you are having troubles cutting the fabrics, try using a smaller rotary cuter. Sometimes I like using a 28mm rotary.

There you have it! Second week, next Friday September 15th will start Week 3! Week 3 we will be now sewing!! Ready?

Friday, September 1, 2017

Frosted Snowflakes Quilt Along - WEEK 1

Hello quilters!

I hope everyone is having an amazing day. Are you ready to get started with week one? Once again if you have any questions, message me through the contact form on my website. I'll get with you as soon as I can.

So lets get started!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Quilt-A-Long Reminder! Plus Few Questions that have been ask.

Hello fellow quilters!

This is just a nice reminder saying don't forget to bust out some stash for grab yourself some lovely Layer Cakes for next weeks Quilt-Along!

Remember all you'll need is One Print Layer Cake and One Background Layer Cake (36 count minimum).  I'll be doing the Quilt- Along in Snowman Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings from Moda Fabrics. Now I have a few layer cakes within that print in which I'll be picking out the darker values.

Now I know this weekend is Labor Day and many of you all will be busy! No worries, the first two weeks will be cutting. Cutting isn't challenging, you can do all of the cutting within a week just in case you missed the first week but for beginners it may be a little difficult because it is "something new". Just remember it is not a rush or a race to see who finishes first. Take your time and most of all HAVE FUN! =D

Also this will be my very first quilt along so bare with me and throughout the quilt along, if you have any questions or are puzzled on a step, please fill free to email me by using the contact form on my website, and I will help you out as soon as I can. =)

Here are a few questions I have been asked so far:

Do we need to subscribe somewhere for the Quilt-Along?
No need to subscribe, BUT if you want updates just in case you forget, I recommend either following my blog AND/OR subscribe to my emailing list on my website, since I will be emailing weekly updates of new posts.

Where will the Quilt - Along take place?
Here on my blog! Starting September 1st (Friday), and every Friday after that will be the new updates.

Do we need a special curved ruler?
No curved rulers are required, BUT you will need to save the cardboard backing that comes with most layer cakes for templates, OR you may use template plastic that you can find at most Craft stores. What you'll be doing is printing out three pages from a PDF file that will be free on my website, you'll cut them out and trace them on either your cardboard or template plastic then cut those shapes out as well. These will then be what you'll be using your rotary cuter to cut your curved fabric pieces.

As a beginner curve piece, any tools you might recommend?
These tools are not mandatory but may help you. First I always sew with a 1/4" foot, so this can help you out as well. Another thing is while cutting curves you may find it slightly difficult with a standard 45mm rotary cutter, but a 28mm rotary is also perfect and makes it easier but not mandatory. Just take your time cutting pieces. Also another tip is, if you find that you are having problems getting the curve under your machine, or having a curve section bunch up; a nice quilting tool called a stiletto will help you out. Sometimes I use a stiletto to getting some of the little buggers down. lol Or if you are afraid to get your hands closer to the machines foot a stiletto will help you hold the fabric in place to do so.

Will the full pattern instructions be available at the beginning?
No, but the full pattern in 5 quilt sizes will be available for purchased two weeks after the final week. Only the template PDF files will be available for FREE on September 1st and will still be available as long as my Frosted Snowflakes pattern is still up and running. =P I'm doing this because I don't want others to get ahead, I'll like us to take our time together and have fun!

Will the quilt-along be written like standard pattern instructions?
Yes and no. Yes I will have standard Step 1, Step 2, but during the quilt along I will be giving more details so I can teach new curved piece-rs some tricks and tips; as well as inform them easy ways to tackle a curve. Once the pattern is aired fully, it will be written in the standard curve pattern style as if you are already familiar curved piecing.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me using the contact form on my website. 

Once again, thank you all so much for joining, I hope ya'll will have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see what prints or solids you'll be using!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Thank you for Prayers and Concerns!

Hello quilters!

First I want to give you all many thanks to everyone who has contacted me over the weekend. I'm truly blessed and thankful for everyone's prayers and thoughts as well! <3 

If you are wondering, Texas has taken a huge hit from Hurricane Harvey. Although we are roughly two hours away from the coast and four hours away from Houston, San Antonio was expecting a heavy hit from Hurricane Harley. Thankfully because the Hurricane moved very slowly it wasn't able to travel quickly enough to reach us. (Sadly because Hurricane Harvey was moving slowly, it meant more divesting news for the city's it did hit.) Over the weekend we've only had non stop rain and winds. Today our weather is doing better and it's supposed to lighten up over the week, but we are still keeping an eye on Harvey and also Tornado's.

With all that said, I do want to inform you all; yes the quilt-along will still be starting this weekend, but please bare with me on emails.  I'm trying to play catch up a little. =P

Once again, thank you all so much!