Friday, October 17, 2014

303 Quilts with Each Color of Kona Fabric! Follow my Progress!

As you all could guess, I love Kona Solid Cottons. With now 303 colors to choose from you are sure to find the exact shade of color you need to add to your quilts yet they still can come out with new colors just about every year! =) With that said I want to start on a Quilt Project that will be HUGE! How huge you may ask? Well, with every color shade Robert Kaufman offers in Kona Solid I want to make a quilt with each color! So that mean I will be making 303 quilts! 

Now you might be thinking wait 303 quilts in each color? How is that going to work? Well with each color of Kona Solid their will be Kona White(or)Snow aka a two color quilt. Example: Jade Green with Snow, Lipstick with Snow, School Bus with Snow, Ice Frappe with Snow etc, etc. 

This will be a LONG journey with my project but it will come! Aso these quilts will not be no mini quilts. They will be minimum lap size or bigger (up to a king size)! Here is a bonus, with each new color I want it to be a totally different block/pattern. So no two quilts will look alike. With that said that means their will be eventually a FREE quilt pattern for each color. 

Come follow my blog on this lovely journey of my new quilt project! First color I am starting with is Kona's Jade Green with Kona Snow.

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