Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fancy New Quilt Tools!

I went on a bit of a shopping spree the other day and was wanting to get some new rulers for myself. I for sure had Tri-Recs ruler in mind but I was also browsing for some more to get. So here is what I got! =)


Today I received my shipment. All these rulers and clips where from Amazon.

My cart includes:
   Tri- Recs Ruler Set 
   Fons and Porters Flying Geese Ruler
   Jay Birds Hex N More Ruler
   Jay Birds Sidekick Ruler
   2 - 100ct Red Wonder Clips

 I will say, I read a lot that Jaybirds Hex N More ruler was huge but they where not joking, this thing is VERY HUGE! But I can't wait to start piecing my own fabrics together with her lovely rulers. Her quilts are really ragging for the past few years I thought it would be best to buy both her rulers and finally start making some quilts like hers.

Another set of rulers I purchased was the Tri-Recs tool. This you really don't need but it does make things a lot easier, and I do mean A LOT, with making those lovely squares with a triangle in them. The Flying Geese Ruler is also a ruler you don't really need but if you plan on making a quilt with TONS of flying geese (which I do) this just comes in handy and you will be making flying geese fast and easy in no time. 

And last but not least I did get me some Wonder Clips 2 - 100ct. I can not wait to start using these when I bind my quilts. So far they hold on real tight too! They are some nice strong little clips. I did purchased a lot of them because I love making large bed quilts, queen or king sizes so I wanted to make sure I had enough to go around. Plus on Amazon a pack of 100ct went on sale for $9.99 and Free Shipping, so grabbing one more set wasn't that hard of a choice for me. =P

I hope you like what you see because soon you will be getting some lovely tutorials with these new tools! =D

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