Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fast Kind Size Quilt - Made with Layer Cakes

Holidays are coming up and this is the time where we start breaking out the gifts! If you haven't starting making your quilt gifts then I must say, hey you might be behind especially if you are going to try and get it quilted by a long arm quilter. So here is something quick you can put together in no time! 

Fabric:  Finished Size 107.5in x 107.5in

 - 3 Layer Cakes (Layer Cake is 42 10"x10" squares) or you will need 121 assorted fabric squares.
       I used Moda Pine Island Batik


 -  3 1/2 yards Kona Spice
 -  3 1/2 yards Kona Coffee
 -  3 1/2 yards Kona Crimson


    1. On your bed or a large floor area you are going to lay out your squares and do a 11 x 11 block with your 10in squares from the layer cake or assorted fabric.  What I like to is is grab one layer cake and make about rows until I use all of the layer cake which will be about three. Then once I used up all of the first layer cake I moved on to the second layer cake, that way you will get all the patterns in the layer cake sorted through out your quilt. 

    2. Then you are going to sew your squares together in long rows then you will sew your rows together until you form a large square quilt!



  1. On two of your colors you are going to cut the width in half. Now usually this is where the fabric folds when it is lay's on the bolt. Here is the layout below of what I did on the back of the quilt.

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