Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dr. Seuss Quilt - Fat Quarter Bundles by Robert Kaufman

A few months ago I was able to snag some amazing Robert Kaufman, Dr. Suess bundles. The bundles included a boy/girl line called Celebrate with 9 fat quarters in each collection and a panel! One bundle will make a large enough baby/toddler quilt. (52.75" x 52.75")  Below is a finished quilt top in the girl line.


  One - Dr. Suess Celebration Fat Quarter Bundle
            (Or 9 assorted celebration fat quarters and one panel)  


  - With each of the assorted fat quarters you will need to cut 4 - 7  3/4in squares. Then carefully cut your panel squares at 7  3/4in, which will then leave a light brown trimming around the panel. (When you sew your squares together the brown outline will disappear.)

You will now have a total of 51 squares cut.

   1. Lay out your pattern that will be 7 squares across and 7 squares down. 
   2. Then you will sew your squares together in a row then last sew all your rows together and wa-la! Done! Super fast and easy! All you need to do is have it quilted then binded.

I hope you enjoyed this fast easy quilt pattern with the Celebration Fat Quarter Bundle. Please follow if you would like to see more quilts and patterns. =)

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