Monday, December 29, 2014

Large Fence - Free Layer Cake Pattern with Tula Pink Bumble Fabric

Bumble By Tula Pink for Free Spirit Fabrics 

 Another super fast easy quilt using a Layer Cake and two Charm Packs. Finished Size is about 58.75" x 66.75"

    - One Layer Cake (Using Bumble by Tula Pink from Free Spirit Fabrics. 42 assorted prints) 
    - Two Kona Snow Charm Packs
    -  1/2 yard Binding (WOF 40in min)
    -  4 1/4 Yards of Backing (WOF 40in min)


1. You are going to cut each layer cake in half down the middle. You should have 84 rectangles that are 10" x  5". Keep your piles separated!

2. Next you will do a large snow ball corner to one of the 10" x 5" rectangle using a charm pack that is 5" x 5". You will place your charm pack on one side of the rectangle, right sides together, sew corner to corner then cut approx. 1/4" off. Then Press open to the dark side.

                                      Do 42 Blocks this way 

                                     42 Blocks the other way.

 3. Using two finished rectangles from each pile, you will then form the block below.

4. Last you will form your quilt that is 6 rows across by 7 rows down with finished blocks from step 3. All you need to do is rotate every other block. 

You are done! Finished Size is about 58.75" x 66.75" Don't like the layout that I made? Well here is another layout you can do with the SAME block! =D


  1. You really have a talent for doing simple quilts! I stare at my fabric stash and wonder what to do with it. The magazines I subscribe to have beautiful patterns, but I don't have a lot of "free" or spare time to be working on those more complicated ones. This one is really great for me! I love layer cakes!!!