Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mixed Bag Studio - Jelly Roll Race Quilt Pattern

Is it sad that I have been quilting for a few years and never made a Jelly Roll Race quilt? The Jelly Roll Race has been around for awhile and I finally thought I should make one. I believe it is a quilt that everyone should have made at least once. So here is my Jelly Roll Race Quilt made with Moda's Mixed Bag Studio Line in which I did add some boarder's to it as well. Finished size: 69.5" x 81.5"

   - One Jelly Roll
       [42 assorted 2 1/2" Strips by WOF]
   - 1/2 yard fabric for small boarder
   - 1  1/2 yard for larger boarder
   - 1/2 yard binding
   - 5 yards backing


 1. You are going to sew all your Jelly Roll strips into one lonnnng continuous strip that will be 2  1/2" by 1600". 

2. Next take your beginning strip and your end strip and sew them together right sides together. Once you get to the end of your strip where the fabric folds you will cut it with your scissors.

3. Now take your beginning strip again and your end strip and repeat step 2. (You will keep doing this until you reach a quilt size that is perfect for you. For mine I stopped once it reached 53.5" x 65")

4. Cut your 1/2 yard small boarder fabric into 3" x WOF. You will need 5 strips. I started by sewing the boarder from the 53.5" side first then the sides next.

5. Your  yardage you will then cut the fabric 6" by WOF. You will need 8 strips. I started by sewing the longer sides first then the shorter sides second.

6. Finished quilt top size: 69.5" x 81.5"


  1. Is this jellyroll still available or discontinued?

    1. I believe it might be discounted now. Sorry about that!

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