Monday, December 22, 2014

Neon Picnic Pattern - Free Quilt Pattern using Layer Cakes or Charm Packs

Primo Batiks by Molly B's Studio for Marcus Fabrics

Crazy Quilt Top that puts the E in Easy! All you will need is either a Layer Cake or 4 Charm Packs to make this quilt look scrappy.


   - One Layer Cake in Primo Batiks by Molly B's Studio for Marcus Fabrics or 4 Charms Packs from the same line.
        [40 assorted 10" squares]
   - One Solid Layer Cake (Kona Fabric Black) or 4 Charm Packs from the same color.
        [42 solid 10" squares] 
   - Binding 3/4 yard
   - Backing 5 yards


1. With both print and solid layer cakes you are going to cut into 4 - 5"x5" squares. (If you are using charm packs then you do not need to do this step.)

2. Then using my half square triangle method (the first way), you will do that with  all your 5"x5" squares, solid with print. Press open to the dark side.

3. From matching patterns, form this block below using 4 half square triangles.  (You'll be making a total of 84 squares, two from each layer cake)


4. Then using the blocks you made in step 3, start forming 4x4 blockslike below. (You should have 21 blocks total that are 17¾" square.)


5. Next lay out your quilt with forming 4x5 block rows from step 4. Sew your rows and columns together and you are done with your quilt top.


  1. I love your use of black background, really makes the colors shine!

  2. Black really makes these colors pop! You do such good planning and make the prettiest quilts. Notice, I've been looking at your blog for an hour or two now, getting great patterns and great ideas. Thank you!