Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Something New!

First of all I am sorry there is not a Free Pattern yesterday. I will admit that it blew my mind but you will soon see why! I have always wanted to up grade my sewing machine. I was using a Brother Sewing machine that you can purchase at walmart for $150.00, but after two years what I thought was fast is now very sloooow for me as well as loud, and a little rough. It really makes a perfect beginner sewing machine! So now it was in deed time to upgrade! I am now a proud owner of a Bernina 750 QE! 

I have a local quilt store that sells Bernina sewing machines and they know how I have been eying a few of the Bernina's and one day when I went their eyes lit up and said "Krystal I have a sewing machine JUST FOR YOU!!" They received a used Bernina 750 QE sewing machine in tip top condition! Thursday 1/22/15 I will be the official proud owner! So now you will then see some sewing tips with my new machine.

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