Monday, February 2, 2015

Ivy League Prep - TWO Free Pattern Using Layer Cakes with Cotton + Steel Queen and Baby Size

Cotton + Steel Basics in Ocean

TWO PATTERNS IN ONE BLOG! I will show you how to use this same pattern and make a queen bed version and a baby/lap version! Queen Bed quilt size is about 120" x 120"

   - One Layer Cake in Cotton + Steel Ocean Basic 
           [42 assorted 10" squares]
   - One Layer Cake in Kona Coal
        [42 solid 10" squares] 
   -  3  1/2" yards of Kona Coal for border
   -  1 yard Kona Silver
   -  Binding 1 yard
   -  Backing 12 yards


1. You are going to cut your Kona Silver into 1 1/2" strips by WOF. Then you will sub cut 81 - 1  1/2" x 10" and 162 - 1  1/2" x 5".

2. With your solid and pattern layer cake you are going to cut it in fours down the middle on each side. So you will have 4 - 5" x 5" squares. Keep your like fabrics together in the same order. 

3. Form this block below using 4 matching patterns from your layer cakes, as well as 2 - 1 1/2" x 5" strips and 1 - 1  1/2" x 10" strip.

4. Once you do this to all your layer cake blocks, both solids and prints you will then lay out your quilt. Pattern is solid, print, solid, print, etc. You will just alternated your blocks. 

5. Last but not least with the rest of your Kona Coal yardage you will cut 10" by WOF strips and piece them together so you can make your border on your quilt.

6. Quilt and Bind. Now you are done! =)

Baby Version:

   - One Charm Pack in Cotton + Steel Ocean Basic 
           [42 assorted 5" squares]
   - One Charm Pack in Kona Coal
        [42 solid 5" squares] 
   -  1/3" yard of Kona Coal for border (Use a 5" border)
   -  1/2 yard Kona Silver (Do .75" x 2.5" and .75" by 5" strips)
   -  Binding 1/4 yard
   -  Backing 4 yards

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  1. In the baby or lap version you call for one charm pack. Shouldn't the measurement be 5 inches instead of 10 inches? Also, do you cut the charm pack into fours as you do for the layer cake or do you just work with the number charm pack pieces you have making a smaller quilt?
    Thank you
    Colette L

    1. I believe you cut the charm pack into quarters as well, because the sashing subcuts are 2 1/2", which means that you are attaching that as the horizontal sashing between two 2 1/2" squares. The vertical sashing is is 5 inches long and 3/4" wide.

  2. I see it says the baby/lap quilt needs 4 yards for the backing. That doesn't sound quite right. What are the dimensions of the baby/lap quilt?

  3. 1 yard is not enough fabric for 81 1 1/2"*10" and 162 1 1/2"*5" sashing subcuts. There are 1,584 inches of usable fabric in a 1 yard cut. Divide that by 1 1/2" strips and subcut into 10" strips, you get 105 strips. That's enough for 81 1 1/2"*10" strips and 30 1 1/2"*5" strips. You need another 2/3 yards of fabric (22"). I know this because I cut it up, and now I have to go get more fabric. :(