Monday, February 23, 2015

Midnight Gems Free Quilt Pattern - Layer Cake and Charm Pack

Ok, I'll admit I like to make some "fast" quilts. There are just some days that you want to make a quilt but not spend weeks on it. We all have those days. So here is another fast quilt that you can whip up pretty fast.  Quilt Size is 58.75 " x 58.75". 

   - One Layer Cake in Mightnight Gems         
        [or at least 36 assorted 10"squares]
   - One Charm pack in Navy
   - 1/4 yard Binding.
   - Backing 4 yards.


1. With your layer cake squares you are going to snow ball one corner with a charm pack square. Here I am showing the Midnight Mansion with a white snow ball corner. Do this to all 36 squares. 

2. Now you will use 4 squares that have been snow balled to now form this block below. 

3. Using finished blocks from step 2, lay three across and three down. 

 4. Last thing to do is quilt and bind! 

Here are some other color options that I whip up as well to give you more ideas. My favorites are the teal, navy and grey! What are yours?!

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