Wednesday, May 20, 2015

So It's Been Awhile...

Hey everyone!

First of all I have to say sorry I have been missing and not making more patterns. (Which I will be back into doing so!) Let's just say my real job as definably made a big change! So what's been going on? Well I was a bather at Petsmart and a year later they sent me to Academy to become a Groomer. Within those months I needed to work harder so I can then buy my grooming equipment which then meant no money for quilting. (sad face) During that time we had some employees come and go which made my schedule change a lot while I also filled in for others. Once the day came for me to go to Academy I found out that it was on the other side of town, which then meant it would take me an hour to get to. Which this wasn't a problem, I sadly just was very tired everyday when I came home. After graduating from Academy I now needed to groom 100 dogs and working as a groomer was a bit more stressful. (I work at a high volume salon.) I just needed some time to get in the grove of things. I'm pretty close to completing 100 dogs and getting a little more comfortable with my new position. During those couple of months I have craved to sew many times but I have always told myself that if I ever was tired I would stop and take a break. (Accidents happen!) Now I am read to get back and am super excited! So here is the new plan...

First I need to finish some UFO products, and get caught up on my favorite designers collections. (Tula Pink, Jaybird Quilt Patterns, Cotton + Steel, Zen Chic, etc)
Second I need to start brain storming some new patterns for MONDAY! Yes I am soon going to be posting weekly quilt patterns
Third start new projects like making bags! Yayyy! This has always been something that I've wanted to dip my toes into but never have. So this will be a new adventure for me.

So this upcoming Monday be on a look out for a NEW PATTERN! <3

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