Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2015 Finished Quilt - Camo Nights

Camo Night's, aww this quilt is gorgeous when we went to pick out the fabric. So story behind this is I have a friend at work, she has an amazing dog that is very well behaved/manner and basically the perfect dog. Her momma really wanted me to make her a special quilt since her older quilt was getting pretty used up. With momma behind a classy cowgirl who loves her camo we had to some how incorporate camo in it! While searching for other fabric to go with it we found this shimmery blue fabric that had to go with. Then more and more shimmer got added. Lastly we where trying to figure out what could be the backing and I came across some fabric that looked like Jean material but it was cotton. We screamed because it was PERFECT! I swear I was jealous because this amazing dog is going to have one awesome quilt! lol

This was also the first time I quilted the swirls. At the time I would only quilt straight lines or a basic meander stippling pattern so I was excited.

I hope you all enjoyed!

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