Monday, June 22, 2015

Kona Project - Kona Everglade - Layer Cake - Herringbone

Kona Project -  Kona Everglade - Herringbone

Classic Easy Herringbone Quilt! I know another half square triangle quilt. But it is pretty easy and I love the two color look! Plus with a 2 1/2" border around makes the quilt feel complete. This quilt is feature on FaveQuilts!


   - One Layer Cake in Kona Everglade (Or 3 yards cut into 42 - 10" squares)
   - One Layer Cake in Kona Snow (Or 3 yards cut into 42 - 10" squares)  
   - 3/4 yard Border in Everglade
   - 1/2 yard Binding
   - Backing 5 yards

1. With all squares you will use my half square triangle method (the second way) to produce four half square triangle's that are half Snow half Everglade.
2.  Once you have 168 half square triangle's, you will use four of them to form this block below. (You will make 42 blocks)

 3. Using the blocks that you have formed in step 2, you will now sew them together with six blocks across and 7 blocks down. You will sew your blocks together into rows then sew your rows together. 

4. Last using your 3/4 border fabric. You will cut into 8 strips that are 2  1/2" wide. 

5. Quilt and Bind!


  1. Thanks for the tip to put them in blocks! I never would have thought of that!

  2. I agree with Janelle. Great idea! Also, thank you for showing 3 ways to make HSTs. My question is how big is the quilt?