Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kona Project - Kona Poppy - Coke Cola Pixel Quilt

Coke Cola Quilt

Happy Fathers Day to my best dad ever! For Father's Day I made my dad a pixel quilt with one of his favorite drink. When I was younger our laundry room was filled from top to bottom, and every nook and cranny with Coke Cola products.

So one day I was just browsing one of my quilt stores and came across Coke Cola fabrics. This brought me so many memories as a child when  my mom would be quilting and me helping her cut her chained pieces, ironing fabric, and basically just having fun! This was when I thought I needed to make a Coke Cola quilt. Now at the time I was trying to come up with different ideas on what to do....

Remember the old 1970's Coke Cola song "I'd like to buy the world a coke!" Yeah that song was in my head the whole time while I was making it and I am a 90's baby! =P

Within a few days, I pieced it together and took it to my Quilting Store for me to quilt it. I really wanted to quilt the Coke Cola script writing on it but sadly they didn't have the program to customized it. I could hand draw coke cola but my cursive handwriting isn't that pretty. Lol So we went with a "C" swirl. 

I went with a larger swirl that is 12" tall so that it wouldn't distract from the quilt.

Quilting was done on a APQS Millie! One of my dream machines. I really wish I could own one myself in my home.


  1. Wow! What a great idea for a quilt! What color thread did you use since you had both the red and the white fabric?

    1. Thank You! For piecing I used Aurifil White Thread and King Tut Red Thread for quilting.

  2. Absolutely amazing quilt. I have a friend that is totally crazy about coke cola and this is a great gift idea. Thank you for always sharing some most incredible and gorgeous quilts and patterns. You newest follower!... I dub thee most awesome quilter!