Monday, June 15, 2015

Rainbow Pinwheels - Michael Miller Batiks - Layer Cake

Rainbow Pinwheels by Michael Miller Batiks Fabrics (Rainbow Collection)

Inside secret, I love rainbows and I love batiks fabrics so much! So when a layer cake went on sale that was batiks and rainbow of COURSE I had to get it. With this quilt in mind I just wanted a black background so it can make the colors pop! As far as the design well I haven't done pinwheels in a long time so I thought I would do so. So here is the free pattern that I hope you all enjoy! =)

   - One Layer Cake in Rainbow Collection by Michael Miller Batiks
   - One Layer Cake in Kona Black        
   - 1/2 yard Binding.
   - Backing 5 yards.


1. With one black layer cake and a batik layer cake you are going to lay right sides together and sew 1/4" seam alliance around all sides. (You are going to be doing my half square triangle method "the second way" here.)

2. Complete Step one with each layer cake square.

3. Then you will cut your squares in a diagonal in both directions to each of the layer cakes you have sewed together. This will then form four half square triangles in the same like color.

4. Now you will form this block using four of the same print half square triangles. Sew your blocks together to form one larger block. (You will do this to all your pairs, you will need at least 40 block total.)

5.  Now you will lay your quilt out in the color pattern of your choice, below is how I lay them.

6. All you need to do is sew your squares together to form rows, then sew your rows together and you have a quilt top! 

7. Quilt and Bind.