Monday, August 3, 2015

Zodiac - Free Pattern - Applique - Jelly Roll

RJR Palette New Galaxy

Free Pattern with option of Applique or no Applique. This quilt features RJR Palette New Galaxy Pre-Cut and Robert Kaufman Kona Black and Snow. This makes a perfect quilt for a teenager or someone who is in love with our Galaxy! Zodiac is made with a Jelly Roll in a Single Irish Chain Quilt with the Zodiac signs for Applique. Here is what the quilt looks like without the symbols. 

This quilt has been featured on FaveQuilts!

Funny thing is I am not a fan of a Single Irish Chain quilt. Why? Well I have a eye where I can look at a quilt and start visualizing the blocks and pieces. So when I look at a Single Irish Chain quilt I just see 9 patch blocks. Where others can actually see the chain rows. (I can only see the chain rows if I cross my eyes XD lol) 

Now when I was playing with colors, I fell in love with RJR Palette New Galaxy line and thought it looked amazing with a black background. Since their collection is called the Galaxy, I thought it would be great to pair it up with the Zodiac Signs. This is how this quilt pattern came about. Once I added the Zodiac Signs well now I just another quilt I have to make =P 

Since this is a applique pattern, if you would like to print the sheets for the Zodiac sign you will have to go here to download the pdf file for FREE to print out.

Now here are some ideas on what to quilt for this quilt! 

Moon and Stars
 This reminds me of the Milky - Way
 Space/Galaxy with Rockets

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