Monday, November 23, 2015

Long Arm Quilting Services

Look at this beauty! Soon I will have one of my very own, so be on a look out for Long Arm Quilting Services! Bernina Q24. <3 If you all haven't noticed, I love Bernina and the day I found out they where making a Long Arm you bet my favorite quilt shop informed me right away. A few months ago they finally purchased one for rental's and this has always been my go to machine. Sorry APQS.... 

Here is my Long Arm Quilting Background:
For the longest time I would always finish my quilts on my personal sewing machine. Until about a year and a half ago, my local quilt shop started providing rentals on their Long Arms. At that time they owned a Crown Jewel from Baby Lock and the AMAZING Millennium from APQS. APQS has always been my favorite Long Arm. I have been using the Millennium for a good year. I've also been using the digital quilt design to knock out those killer patterns. Recently they have purchased a Bernina Q24 and this has been my new found love. I love working with this machine and soon I will be a proud owner! =)

I love making quilts. I sew everyday. To me there is no greater feeling than when you have a quilt that is finally fully completed. My goal is to provide long arm services for you at a WONDERFUL deal so you can afford to have your quilts completed and enjoy them. 

Be on the look out!

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