Thursday, November 5, 2015

Product Review: Mary Ellens Best Press

Mary Ellens Best Press! This is a MUST for every quilter. I have always been a quilter who used the irons steam just to press all my seams open, but when I was at my local shop they had these small 4oz bottle of Mary Ellens Best Press available, so I grabbed a few scents that I thought I would love and would go home to give it a try. I will say, I buy this by the GALLON! 

If you like to prewashing your fabric, you then know that when it comes out of the dryer it is a very limp and well a wrinkled mess.  I have tried using other starch brands and even homemade stuff to help me get those wrinkles out and bring some crispness back into it…but many times it just doesn’t work well enough. Mary Ellens will help give it back it's shape and quickly too!

Now I don't always prewash my fabric but do you have that stash that has been sitting in a drawer nicely folded and now you have found the perfect project for it? Well we need to get all those folded lines out so you can cut your fabric. Mary Ellens will help you Iron out all those wrinkles and lines fast and easy too!

Are you making feather stars? Or a very detailed pieced quilt? Mary Ellens will help you press those seams open nice and crisp so when you sew your next piece it will keep the shape you need and not stretch out or give you a wonky shape.

 If you haven't guessed it yet, I REALLY....REALLY love Mary Ellens. I used this on ALL my projects, all sizes. Plus it comes in many scents. Here are my favorites below!

First favorite is a red bottle that is Frankincense! This scent isn't for everyone but I love it, sadly they do not offer this in a gallon size and it only becomes available on Amazon every so often. Next scent is Lavender Fields! Oh my it smells just like it says. Last but not least I also love Linen Fresh. I personally like the "clean" smells a lot because I'm more drawned to them but Mary Ellens has a lot more scents that are GREAT and I would also use but those above are my favorites! 

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  1. I love Best Press and buy Unscented by the gallon. Best Press also works great for pressing vintage linens.