Monday, December 7, 2015

Rake Up - Free Quilt Pattern - Charm Packs OR Layer Cake

If you haven't guess it yet, I love Batiks! Rake Up is a quilt that came to me while I was in our back yard. Sadly here the leaves have BARELY started to see fall, Thanks to our lovely neighbors tree we now have some leaves in our yard, but I don't mind, it finally brings some more character to the yard lol. 

To download this pattern as a FREE PDF, go here.

Fabric's used in this quilt are Robert Kaufman's Batiks in Color Source 6, with Kona Cotton Mushroom as the background. Now Mushroom does not come in a layer cake so you can buy 2 1/2 yards of fabric then sub-cut down into 10" squares. (Mushroom is one of my favorite Kona Cotton Colors. Its a lovely grey with brown hues to give it a earthy feel. This color is like a MUST have, like white, black and ivory. lol)

Here are some edge to edge quilt patterns I think would look lovely on this quilt.

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