Monday, December 7, 2015

Table Runner - Free Quilt Pattern - Left Over Layer Cake's

From my Ticket quilt that I had finished months ago, I saved the left over Layer Cake fabrics that where cut in half and turned them into a fast easy table runner. This is only made from using 10 - 5"x 10" rectangles.

The left over fabric is 2wenty Thre3e From Moda. This was a fabric line in 2013, so you may or may not find this fabric. 

Instead of "Spring Cleaning" we are Winter Cleaning. This year has had a lot of obstacles we had to over come and this Christmas is us just spending time together and getting our house back in order. lol We have rearranged almost everything, started decorating, and started cooking home meals again. (Even though our plans tonight is ordering pizza lol.) I've started designing more patterns for you all which is something I LOVE doing. I've also started quilting more which is my other passion, soon I will have my very on Long Arm in the house and things are going to get even more crazier! (But in a good way lol) 

But anyways back to this pattern! 

So all you need is 10 - 5" x 10" rectangles, and sew them together. Pretty simple! Then I used left over backing from previous quilts with the same fabric line. I have quilted a "Pipe Line" design just to keep with the same rectangle shape. Binding is left over fat chevron scrap's I had in yellow/white which once I had iron in half, it make a candy cane strip look which I love! So most of just keep ALL of your fabric left overs, the smallest size scrap's I keep are 2 1/2" because one day I hope to make a postage stamp quilt, but this might be a long ways away lol.

Now I need to go plant pot shopping to buy some matching pots lol. Our living room used to be dark blues and greys. Now we are brightening things up!

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