Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Quilt Project Resolution

HAPPY NEW YEAR! To start of this New Year's I thought I could put together some quilt projects that I have planned for this year in which I MUST finish. (Or get through most of them anyways lol.) So let's get started with my list. Now I'm not going to list them in a particular order or way that I must finished them in, but I am hoping to finish all of these quilts by the end of the year.

First up we have Aviatrix Medallion in the Autumn Palette. This quilt has been on my MUST make list. I do love the original version of this quilt but the Autumn Palette really spoke out to me as a MUST do.  I also love the Winter Palette but sadly at this moment I can not find a Winter Fat Quarter bundle anymore. 

To Continue on with Elizabeth Hartman designs I would also like to complete Fancy Fox in her Nature Rhonda Ruth collection. I've always been a fan of Fancy Fox in Reds but when I saw her newest collection I knew I had to make it!

Now onto Jaybird quilts. 
I NEED to finish my Gravity quilt. Sadly I bought this quilt on pre-order as soon as it came out and I still haven't made it =(. So this year it will definitely be a must to finish. 

Next from Jaybird I would like to make and finish one of her newest patterns called Arcade Block! I love the color choices! <3 They are just to die for! 

And last but not least from Jaybird Quilts is another one of her newest patterns called Boomerang. The color scheme is just beautiful I have a very hard time saying no to blue quilts.

Now time for quilts that I have an idea on what to make. 

First I have designed a pattern that is Iron Man and the oh so good looking Robert Downey Jr! If you haven't noticed yet, I love pixel quilts and I made this pattern back in 2014 (WOW I KNOW RIGHT!) Very delayed on this quilt. Let's just say I had over estimated myself on how much work this ended up taking on me. So this quilt I defiantly going to be a piece here and there every month just so I don't get burnt out with it again. I do plan on posting progress photos. Here is a little bit of an idea on what I am working with on this quilt which are 15 shades of grey's from Kona Cotton. Finished block size is 8" x 8" smallest block is 1" x 1". Finished size of the quilt is 72" x 96" with a total of 2576 pieces! WOW!

Now do we have any Game of Thrones fans? I would also love to do two text quilts that say "You know nothing Jon Snow" and my Fiance wants one that says "Valar Morghulis", which I thought was funny at first because it means "All Men Must Die" lol but I do plan on making it for him. I have thought about using Moda's "Spell It With Fabric" from 2014, with the background in black and text in white.

Also last but not least! I have always wanted to make a Periodic Table quilt. I'm not a Chemistry nerd but on Pinterest so many Periodic Table quilts popped up and they really caught my eye! I do plan on making a pattern available for everyone in due time. What I do have planned for it is Black background with whited sashing borders and white applique lettering. Riley Blake came out with AMAZING fabric and I thought they would look perfect for the backing. 

Time for the wrap up. So far I have a total of 9 Quilts that I plan on for sure finishing this year. I'm pretty sure I can get them all done. But I hope I have not challenged myself to much since 4 of them have A LOT of pieces! But we shall see. 

Do you have any quilts that you plan on for sure making this year? If so what are they, I'd love to hear about them!

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