Wednesday, February 17, 2016

New Fabric Pre - Cuts - Robert Kaufman - Essex Yard Dyed

A new thing I would like to start adding to my blog is new fabrics that will be coming out in which I look forward too!

To start this off I am super excited for Robert Kaufman's NEW Essex Yard Dyed fabrics now available in Pre-Cuts.


 If you don't know that Essex Yard Dyed fabrics are, they're what Elizabeth Hartman uses as her background's in quilts! I don't about you all.....but to me her quilts are just OH-MY-GOD beautiful. Here are a few of my top 5 in which she uses Essex Yard Dyed fabrics as her background.

Personally I think Essex Yard Dyed is perfect for backgrounds. I love my solid quilts but Essex offers some texture to quilts to help make everything pop! Essex is a Denim look. There are 16 colors to choose from in Yardage. Annnnndd........

As of March 2016, three colors in Red, Denim, and Black will be available for a Pre-Cut as Layer Cakes!




I'm sooo excited to add these to my stash and also create some cute quilt patterns for you all using them! Now I'm sad to say, from my knowledge they are not available in Jelly Rolls or even Charm Packs but hey it is a start and hopefully they will become super popular where ALL COLORS will become available as well as available in all pre-cut styles. 

While searching Essex Yard Dyed fabrics on Pinterest I also came across some amazing creations that others have used this fabric to create bags, purses, and even oven mitts! 

I hope you all are excited for some Essex!