Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pop Tarts Quilt - Free Quilt Pattern - Yardage

If you have been following me on Instagram you would have seen that I came across some AMAZING Kelloggs Fabric's. My two favorites where Pop Tarts and Eggo's. Others where wonderful but those two are closer to my heart. When I first meet my Fiance he would eat Pop Tarts daily. His mom bought Sam's size boxes for him. When we first started living together, we went threw a HUGE health kick and boy we looked amazing =P, but Pop Tarts where banned in the house. Lol Well after many years of him complaining saying he wanted Pop Tarts and that I am mean since his friends still eat them I gave in. Now Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts is always on my grocery list.

This quilt is now on my bucket list to make for this year. Although the front is a bit plain, for me the quilt feature will be the backing! The Backing would be the main focus of this quilt. This would make any Pop Tart Fan happy, weather it be  your husband, child or grandchild.

Normally I would have a nice layout and a PDF available for this pattern but for this quilt I will not since I am using Moda's Spell It With Fabric Blocks. Only way you will get this pattern is here on my blog. =)

3 yards - Blue Background Fabric
1/2 yard - White Letter Fabric
1/4 yard - Binding
3  1/2 yards - Backing (Pop Tarts!) I have only found that you can buy this fabric from Missouri Star Quilt Company here.

1. From your Blue background fabric cut 20 - 9  1/2" x 12  1/2" blocks.  

2. With the rest of your Blue background fabric and White lettering fabric you are going to follow the directions from Moda's Spell It With Fabric Blocks. (Moda's Spell It Fabric does use Jelly Roll size strips which are 2  1/2" wide so piecing will be easy and a breeze. You'll have this quilt finished so quick because it is that easy! Lol)

P - (Click here for Moda's P piecing Instructions)
O - (Click here for Moda's O piecing Instructions) 
P - (Click here for Moda's P piecing Instructions) 
T - (Click here for Moda's T piecing Instructions) 
A - (Click here for Moda's A piecing Instructions)
R - (Click here for Moda's R piecing Instructions) 
T - (Click here for Moda's T piecing Instructions)
S - (Click here for Moda's S piecing Instructions)

3. Now layout your quilt, you will have a total of 4 rows and 7 blocks in each row. I placed "Pop Tarts" in the center of the quilt.

As for quilting, what I think would look great is swirls, loops, OR.... OR say who ever quilt this is and their favorite pop tart is strawberry maybe quilt some strawberry's, cherry's, blue berry's, etc. Normally I would post pretty quilting patterns but currently the computer that has all those nice pretty quilting images is down =( And for me this quilt pattern could not wait! lol Once it is up and working, I'll edit and add them. =)


  1. What a fun quilt this would be - Brown Sugar Cinnamon, the best Pop Tart ever!! Thanks for all the fun projects you share.