Monday, April 11, 2016

River Rock - Free Quilt Pattern - Layer Cake

Another quilt made super easy by just slicing a layer cake and adding some strips to it! 
Finished size is 70" x 80"

Fabrics used in this are from Timeless Treasure Romance and Kona Cotton in Bone. Kona Cotton Bone does not come in a Jelly Roll but you can buy 2 yards of fabric and cut them into 2 1/2" x WOF strips. Currently Craftsy has some Timeless Treasure Romance layer cakes on sale.

To download this pattern as a FREE PDF, go here.

Here are some AMAZING edge to edge quilt patterns that would look wonderful on this quilt.


  1. Krystal - I just found your website and blog. I'm excited for you in your designing endeavors - don't give up because of publishing rejections, keep pushing! Here in Kansas City we have a Modern Quilt Guild, do you have any geared toward the modern quilting where you live? A good place to meet people and to become a "known entity". Best of luck to you! Love what you're doing!

    1. I've actually never thought of that! Thank you so much Carol! =D

  2. Hi, Krystal, Just found this pattern, and I really like it. One of these days, I will make one and ask you to quilt it!

  3. I really like this pattern, but I don't understand the dimensions at all. The picture shows 7 rows of 6 blocks and the pattern shows it as resulting in a 70x80" quilt. How can this be accomplished with a 36-piece layer cake? Then the pattern says to lay the blocks out 6x6. That would be fine for a square quilt, but how would it measure 70x80"? Also, given the measurements of the pieces to cut, I can't calculate that to become a square block, and the pattern doesn't say anything about squaring it up.

  4. Looks to me that her layer cake was a 42 piece. Most likely just an error. Great looking design and it does look easy,,, Thanks Krystal"..