Sunday, May 1, 2016

Long Arm Quilting Services Available Soon!

I am pleased to announce that I will now be offering Long Arm Quilting Services starting in JUNE! I have been quilting for over a year and a half at my favorite local quilt shop and thought I should open my own personal business and quilt for you all.

Now you might ask what makes my Long Arm Quilting Services different than others, well I am going to have tons of options for you all! Now I hope I didn't scare you away when I said tons, the only "tons" we have will be over thousands of quilting designs for you to choose from. Plus if for some reason you still don't see anything that you like for your quilt we can get MORE patterns for you!

Now that is not all of it. While I was working with my Local Quilt Shop I noticed there are many of customers that prefer Cotton Thread Quilting and Polyester Thread Quilting. While a majority of long arm quilters only offer one or the other, we will have both options to choose from as well as many colors to choose.

I will also offer different types of density quilting from low, medium, and high. Low density will be very loose/open quiltng. Medium is the "standard" quilting size. High will of course be more density and is more of the "modern" look to provide you with so much texture for your quilt. All of our edge to edge patterns will be available for these options.

I'VE SAVED THE BEST PART FOR LAST! I personally know that Long Arm Quilting can become quite pricey if you make a lot of quilts. (Like me lol) So I have thought of a way you all can save money! WOOOHOO huh. lol Each month I will offer 5 edge to edge quilting patterns to choose from and if you select one of them you will receive 20% off your total purchase. What a deal!

I hope you all are excited for this news and I hope to see the quilts you have made and let me quilt on them!

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