Monday, June 27, 2016

Aztec - Free Quilt Pattern - Charm Packs or Layer Cake

Aztec Quilts are become more and more popular too! Using half square triangle methods while forming to different blocks will give you this creative quilt. Finished Size is 64" x 80" Also this pattern has been featured on FaveQuilts!

Here is another color option. I love purple and blue quilts can't you tell? This quilt below will use the same blocks as the purple quilt above but just rotated a different way.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Recent Quilts Quilted

As you all know, I love designing quilt patterns, BUT my absolute favorite thing is quilting. For a year I was quilting at a local shop. Recently since I finally dove in and bought a long arm I have fallen in love with it more! Currently I have been dabbing into more free motion quilting in which I hope to show you all soon but for now here are a few quilts I've recently quilted. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Nebula - Free Quilt Pattern - Jelly Roll

Honor has been one of the most popular quilt patterns. Here is a slightly different version of Honor but with a larger star that appears with a simple rotation of the block. Finished Size is 75" x 75"

Monday, June 13, 2016

Tidepool - Free Quilt Pattern - Layer Cake

Tide-pool is actually made from a traditional block. Once it is shuffled around you then get this creative tide-pool effect! Using a print or batik layer cake will also make it VERY SCRAPPY. This quilt will take a little more time to construct from my other patterns but you will still have this quilt done in no time! 
Finished Size: 49" x 49" This pattern has been Featured on FaveQuilts!

Here is another version only using one print and background fabric. This gives is a new look which I also love.

Below is the same quilt BUT using TWO layer cake and of course a bit more background fabric. Finished Size for this quilt is 64" x 80"

Monday, June 6, 2016

Pipeline - Free Quilt Pattern - Jelly Roll

Pipeline is a creative scrappy look using jelly rolls. It may look like a lot of pieces but there will be a trick to help break it down so you can make it in no time! Finished Size is 65" x 81"  

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Long Arm Services Available

More great news to come!

Short back story, I've been Long Arm Quilting for a little over a year now using the Long Arm at one of my favorite local shops quilting quilts. The amount of time I spend over there quilting, my fiance and I thought it was finally time to purchase our own Long Arm and bring in more business! 

With that said, we will now be offering Long Arm Services online and all over the U.S.! What makes us different from any body else is we will be offering well over 1,000 edge to edge patterns available, PLUS if you see something that you like and we do not have we will still get it for you. BUT wait there is more! While working with my local shop, I've found that there are many customers that want either poly or cotton thread quilted on their quilts but mostly all shops offer only one thread type that they love working with, so we will be offering BOTH as an option to you. We will have many colors available in Cotton or Poly threads in which you could choose your thread type and colors. Now when picking colors you will be able to list which color you think would look best on your quilt, then before we start I will photograph your thread color PLUS other options if I think you may like as well. If you have no idea what color to choose you can just let me know and we will still find you some options before I quilt for you. This will also help give you full control on what will be going on with your quilt. Also there is a new trend with having dense quilting designs and we will be offering this as another option too. Low, Medium, and High density quilting will be available for you to choose from.

Now I have saved the best part for last. We understand that Long Arm Quilting services can be a bit pricey if you make tons of quilts and we want you to be able to finish all of your quilts. So how are we going to help you with that you might ask?  Well every month we will have some edge to edge patterns available in which if you choose one of them you will be getting a discount on your Long Arm Quilting service for that month. In order to get that discount you would just need to pay and send us your quilt within that month to quality. Example is even if you pay and ship out your quilt on June 30th you will still qualify for the June edge to edge quilt discount.

I hope you all are excited and I can not wait to see your quilts!