Friday, July 15, 2016

Fave Quilts!

Wooohooo guess who has been featured on FaveQuilts? FaveQuilts is a wonderful website that has a lot of free quilt patterns, tip/tricks, giveaway's, and more cute projects that feature other amazing bloggers. =) Lets Quilt Something has now been featured on FaveQuilts. Feature quilt patterns are TidePool, Aztec, and Road to Oklahoma. Need more wonderful ideas for your next project, you should also check them out here.

Here are some quilt projects that I love in which they have shared!

A lovely idea to show off your favorite fabrics! I personally might tackle this project 
this weekend for my dinning table. Its been needing a lovely table runner.. lol

I love scrappy quilts, and this reminds me of a HUGE granny square block.

This would look amazing as a whole quilt and great way to use your scraps!

A pineapple quilt has ALWAYS been on my to-do list. One day it will happen lol

An amazing unique twist on a Chevron and a great scrap buster!

 OK the list could just go on and on here of what I like but you should check it out! You'll for sure find something that you'll love! =)

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