Monday, October 3, 2016

Things will be changing! For the good =)


First off I would like to say sorry there were not any free patterns last week, and also this week. Things will be changing (but for the good). I have been receiving emails with ideas on how I should make and design my patterns. But before I start; I want to thank everyone who has emailed me. Some of these request have been written to me awhile ago (and still being requested) but please note that I have been keeping notes with ideas Quilters have been requesting that I should change/add.

Here are some ideas that where shared with me:
Listing if a pattern is beginner friendly, intermediate, etc.
Patterns be available in different sizes, crib, throw, and bed sizes. (Most common request I've receive is help with making a pattern for a certain size they are looking for.)
Quilters want to see an actual picture of the quilt made, not just a design photo.
Quilters want ideas again of what to have quilted.
Quilters want more variety with Pre-Cuts.
This was not as common but did pop up in a few messages, and that was to do Mystery Quilts, Monthly Quilt Block or Quilt Along styled patterns.

All of these ideas are GREAT and I believe are more of a "professional" look of a quilt pattern which I couldn't agree more.  Only downside is I will not be available to develop a new pattern weekly with making sure each pattern has all the ideas listed within it. I have also been very busy lately with designing patterns for quilt magazines again and starting to widen my horizons as a quilt pattern designer. Doing all these things simultaneously take a lot of time to do and make lol.

So here is what will be happening. I will be designing patterns and taking professional photos of a finished quilt size, while also listing different size options. Side note; one size will be available for FREE on my blog where other sizes will be available on my website as a PDF download only. (Paper pattern might be in the future.)  Doing all those requests, I am hoping to have a pattern once a month for sure, but I would like to push myself in doing at least a quilt pattern every other week. This will not start until a few months from now at the latest but be on the look out. In the mean time I will offer a free pattern like normal, but the changes will be coming once I am all set and ready. =)

I hope everyone else likes the new changes that will be coming. Once again I personally think they are wonderful and will be more professional looking.

Happy Quilting!
Krystal Jakelwicz
Lets Quilt Something

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