Thursday, December 1, 2016

Outside The Box - Quilt Pattern - Layer Cake

Outside the Box is a Intermediate Quilt Pattern that uses 10" Squares in both print and background fabrics. 10" Squares are commonly known as Layer Cakes, Stacks, and Treats. You may use yardage in your favorite prints cut down into 10” strips by WOF, subcut into 10” squares in the amount you will need for your quilt size. 

Today's Free Pattern will be given in the size for Twin which is shown on the cover. Finished Size is 64" x 80".  This pattern is available in 5 quilt sizes; Crib, Throw, Twin, Full/Queen, and King which is available on my website as a PDF download.

Fabrics shown are from Timeless Treasure Topaz and Kona Charcoal as background fabric. Backing and Binding are fabrics selected from Timeless Treasure Topaz line. Glide thread was also used for quilting. Quilting done by me, Krystal Jakelwicz with Lets Quilt Something! =) I quilted Diagonal Plaid which is normally a digital quilt pattern that forms squares but I "squished" the pattern so that it formed a diamond. I hope you all enjoy!

 Timeless Treasure Topaz is available on Craftsy for $20.97! Topaz is currently on clearance for a steal! lol Here is a link to it. Buy now before they sell out fast.

(Twin Size. Packs are calculated by 40 count. Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance. Binding uses 2 1/2" Strips. WOF is calculated at 40" wide.)
  • 10" Squares - 40 Squares (1 Pack)
  • 10" Background Squares - 40 Squares (1 Pack)
  • Binding - 1/2 Yard
  • Backing - 5 Yards
  • Batting - 72" x 88"

1.    With your 10” squares, first cut at a 45 degree angle. (One 10” square will then form into 2 large triangles.)

2.    Using a ruler, measure from the 45 degree line 2 1/2” away and cut. This will form 1 smaller triangle and 1 long trapezoid.  (Shown Below)

3.    Next place your ruler 2 ½” away on 1 end of the long trapezoid and cut 1 diamond. You will then repeat on the other side of the trapezoid to form another diamond and 1 small trapezoid.  (Shown Below)

4.    Do steps 1 – 3 to all 10” squares, both Prints and Solids.

1.    Build the block below using 1 small triangle print, 2 diamonds prints, 1 trapezoid print and 1 small triangle background, 2 diamonds background, 1 trapezoid background. (Shown Below)

2.    Sew the Diamonds on each side of the Trapezoids. (Shown Below)

3.    Sew the Trapezoids to your HSTs. (Shown Below)

4.    Lastly sew your HSTs together to form your block. Trim down to 8 ½” square. (Shown Below)

Forming your Quilt Top:
  1. Use a design wall to lay your blocks out accordingly. (You'll be flipping and rotating every other block.)
  2. First sew your blocks together to form rows.
  3. Lastly sew your rows together to compete quilt top.

Twin size you will be needing 10 rows of 8 Blocks in each row.

Finishing Your Quilt:

1.    First you’ll need to create your backing piece. Cut backing into two 84” x WOF. (Pieced Vertically)
2.    Don’t forget to remove the selvages and piece them together with a 1/2” seam allowance.

3.    Layer the backing, batting, and quilt top to form a “sandwich” and baste together for standard machine quilting. Or send your backing, batting, and quilt top to a Long Arm Professional to be quilted.

4.    After quilted, trim away excess batting and backing fabric.

5.    You may use excess backing fabric to form binding strips if you have enough left over. Otherwise use Binding Yardage and cut binding strips at 2 1/2” x WOF.

6.    Piece binding strips together then use your favorite technique to bind your quilt.

Edge to Edge Quilting Ideas:

Below are ideas that I think would look great on this quilt with the fabric shown while taken in theme and colors. These Edge to Edge patterns are available to purchase at Urban Elementz in either paper or digital files for all types of machines. (

 Bossa Nova
 Diagonal Plaid


  1. LOVE this modern-ish pattern!! I tend more towards twists on traditions, however you have definitely caught me with this one.
    And, I especially truly totally and greatly appreciate you including several actual QUILTING suggestions!!!!!
    After forty plus years of both piecing ABD quilting, I am SO TIRED of seeing quilt patterns that are many many many pages of pIecing instructions, and then one line “Quilt as desired” on the actual QUILTING portion of our beloved hobby and art!!
    Like a painting class that only talked abt the paints, canvases, easels & brushes to purchase & how to set it all up, without how use use the brushes, and putting paint on those canvasses, etc.
    Otherwise, we should quit calling it “quilting”, start calling it “cutting and sewing pretty fabric together” — and save “quilting” and “quilter” ONLY for those actually quilting!
    Yes, I’m passionate about our art losing half it’s skill, technique and beauty to those who can either afford multiple thousands of dollars for a big machine, or have the multiple hundreds of dollars to hire someone w/that machine! So-called “quilting” magazines & books are tooooooo often mis-named — without a single article or parrern on the actual QUILTING in them, they should be re-named “sewing and piecing” magazines!
    So, thank you again, and please continue to include suggesred QUILTING patterns along with your lovely PIECING ones!!

  2. I just LOVE this quilt design. Genius and beauty combined!!!! Thank you very much.