Friday, January 13, 2017

More News!


No pattern has been posted yet but you will see one on the 15th this month, I promise! I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year! =D My fiance and I went to visit our family in El Paso. We had a very lovely time while also helping my parents fill their pool up with dirt. In other news, as some of you might know. My fiance and I have been with each other for 7 years and this Holiday we broke the news to our family that we are FINALLY getting married. Now we aren't planning anything huge but we are setting the date for Feb 1st. So things have been more crazy around here but that usually how we roll. XD lol

I do plan on making us a wedding ring style quilt to go with the occasion in which I am thinking of going with Sew King Of Wonderful quilt pattern in Metro Rings! Mostly because I already have the pattern and tons of Jelly Rolls that I need to use up. lol Of course once everything is put together I will post photos! I am hoping and praying it will be done in time for the wedding but so much is planned and I hope that I'll have enough time.

Well here was just a short announcement but everything will be on track soon!

Thank You.
Krystal Jakelwicz

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