Wednesday, May 10, 2017

3 New Nautical Quilt Kits Available - Design by Me for Craftsy!

Check out these THREE brand new quilt kits I've designed! I had the pleasure once again asked to design some Nautical quilt patterns for Craftsy new fabric line called Lily & Loom On Deck! Nautical prints are my number one favorite styles. When I first laid eyes on the beautiful fabric I mentioned to Craftsy I did not want to give it up! (Sadly I had too but Craftsy will most defiantly be getting a HUGE order from me. =P) Our Master Bedroom theme is nautical so I'll be buying enough fabric to make a king size quilt. lol Sadly most nautical prints that come out are more childish and Lily & Loom On Deck covers both Juvenile and Adult!  Look at those bold colors! <3

Now if you think these are awesome just wait till you hear the prices on these quilt kits! You'll love the price! But first lets take a closer look at the prints within the collection!




Ok, ok I'll stop being cheesy but I can't help it, I LOVE nautical.... lol
So here is a break down of the prices on the quilt kits and pre-cuts and yardage options with a clickable link! *Note: prices reflect now 5/10/2017 with time prices can change.*

Boat Parade Lily & Loom On Deck Quilt Kit which includes all the fabric you'll need to make the quilt top and binding - $61.60 - Finished Size is 55.5" x 72" -  Quilt Kit Plus Backing - $86.80

 Chevron Lily & Loom On Deck Quilt Kit which includes fabric for quilt top and binding - $33.60 - Finsihed Size is 48" x 48" - Quilt Kit plus Backing $52.50

Block Out Lily & Loom Quilt Kit which includes fabric for quilt top and binding - $28.70 - Finished Size: 45" x 50" - Quilt Kit plus Backing - $47.60

 Now if you are not a fan of quilt kits but would love to have pre-cuts or yardage in this amazing print here is some break downs and where you can find them too!

 All yardage they have available in 1, 2, 3, and 4, yard cuts are available for $6.30 a yard! What a steal!!! Now I know you may be thinking oh my that fabric is cheap.... but I promise it is high quality fabric!  

Ok one last photo... look at this text print fabric within the collection just in case you missed it. lol


  1. Super cute quilt designs! And you're right, those are really good prices. I love that text print. Since I live on a boat, I think I really need that in my stash :)

    1. Thank You and Right! The text print is a must! lol

  2. Is there a way of getting the patterns? Everything is sold out and I'd LOVE to make this for my baby on the way.

  3. I made my grandson a quilt out of this! I used a jelly roll and some other fabric that blended perfectly! I hadn't seen this on your post until today!