Monday, August 28, 2017

Thank you for Prayers and Concerns!

Hello quilters!

First I want to give you all many thanks to everyone who has contacted me over the weekend. I'm truly blessed and thankful for everyone's prayers and thoughts as well! <3 

If you are wondering, Texas has taken a huge hit from Hurricane Harvey. Although we are roughly two hours away from the coast and four hours away from Houston, San Antonio was expecting a heavy hit from Hurricane Harley. Thankfully because the Hurricane moved very slowly it wasn't able to travel quickly enough to reach us. (Sadly because Hurricane Harvey was moving slowly, it meant more divesting news for the city's it did hit.) Over the weekend we've only had non stop rain and winds. Today our weather is doing better and it's supposed to lighten up over the week, but we are still keeping an eye on Harvey and also Tornado's.

With all that said, I do want to inform you all; yes the quilt-along will still be starting this weekend, but please bare with me on emails.  I'm trying to play catch up a little. =P

Once again, thank you all so much!


  1. Krystal, I too am in East Texas, no damage for us thankfully but with the daily 24 hr rain, I am also thankful to be living in a house that is on a hill.
    I also in deep sadness for those that are less fortunate.

    1. Oh glad to hear you are doing safe as well! It's very sad seeing Hurricane damage as well as extreme flooding.