Friday, September 15, 2017

Frosted Snowflakes Quilt Along - WEEK 3

Now for the fun part! It is time to sew.

Step 1
Grab two matching sets of A and B. You'll also need the background C orange peel.

Step 2
Starting with print A and your background orange peel (C), place the orange peel on top. You'll match the points here at the top shown below. (Before I start sewing I like to place my needle in the down position to hold it in place so I can get situated. With your right hand, grab your orange peel. With your left hand grab your print A. Before you are sewing your hands will be crossed and start off while stitching slowly 1/4" seam allowance. Continuing on sewing your hand will start to uncross. The trick is to guide the fabric gently, do not pull or "force" it. This will cause your fabric to stretch which we do not want to happen. If you get a built up on a curve, just stop sewing, place your needle in the down position and re-situate yourself before continuing.) After you have completed your curve, make sure to iron to the dark side and iron your thin point at the top flat.


Step 3
With the block made in step 2, now grab a matching print B and place them together shown below. (Place your needle in the down position to get situated again. Slowly sew 1/4" sew allowance. Use the tips and tricks from step 2 to help your sew your curve again. The more blocks you sew, you'll start getting used to it and become a little quicker.) For this block you'll need to make sure you have a 1/4" cross over at the bottom of your orange peel and also make sure you have 1/4" of print fabric at the top sharp point areas. The top points will get covered in two weeks to achieve the nice sharp point for your snowflake block.

 Step 4
Repeat steps 1-3 and make a total of 72 blocks. (If you can make it through sewing this weeks curves, week 5 will be a piece of cake! This is the hardest part of the block.)

If you have any questions or are stuck on something please use the contact form and I'll help you as soon as I can. =)

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