Monday, October 2, 2017

Frosted Snowflake Quilt A Long - WEEK 5

We have are last and final week available!

Before we start I want to thank everyone for your patience. The month of September was indeed a hard month for us that came out of no where. (More details will be at the bottom of this post.) I also want to give a heads up that within two week after today a pattern would have been released in multiple sizes, BUT due to my longarm machines motor it will be delayed. (Giveaway will still be happening in two weeks!) Once my machine gets fixed I have a few orders I need to quilt first before I can starting quilting my finish Frosted Snowflake quilt. 


 Step 1:
Using the larger orange peel from last week's quilt a long, you will now be adding Template D cuts, first start with adding your template D to the right side of your orange peel. (Since template D's ends are 1/2" wide, there will be very little room, you'll want to sew those section's slowly, that way you are left with a 1/4" seam.)

Step 2: Continuing on with your block from step 2, add template D to the left side now. 

Step 3:
Finally once your blocks are complete trim them to a 9" square. Your orange peel points will have very little to nothing left on the corners. Once you sew your blocks together the smaller orange peel's will line up.

Step 4:
Use the diagram below, and you'll have 6 rows, 6 blocks in each row.

Once again thank you everyone for your patience! My longarm has been down, dealing with many phone calls and phone tags with my longarm dealer as well as the main company in trying to fix it. This ended up in myself having to send in my motor for repairs and possible full replacement. Plus to top it off my father needed to have Surgery last week on his head. All is well and he is doing fine. He will be having Surgery again in a few weeks for a gallbladder removal but everything should be ok. But really, THANK YOU! September was a tough month for us that came out of no where and I appreciate you all!



  1. I have finally gotten about 15 of the squares done. Has there been any update on the giveaway or do we still have time to send you a picture of what we have done so far?

  2. Thanks for a cool tutorial. This project looks great. I'm waiting for more of your posts. It would be nice to see something new on your blog. I believe that in a short time there will be some newness

  3. This looks like a lot of fun to try for a new quilter like myself. However when I try to download PDF I get a message that it is an expired domain. Is there another place i can download the PDF?

  4. I love this quilt and would like to make it. Major problem is that I can no longer download the templates from where you direct us. Can you please send them to me at:
    I pray this still goes through to you! I can't find any direct contact email.